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Rodrigo Bauzá

General Manager 

He was born among vines and stills, surrounded by a loving family. Each childhood reunion was a celebration and a sign of the bond between his parents and his brothers. This growing passion led him to be the one who today leads the centennial Bauzá distillery and the Casa Bauzá organic vineyard. He is a Commercial Engineer with a Diploma in Marketing. He learned from his father the secrets of making wines and spirits, just as previous generations did, allowing him to participate in the production processes from start to finish. He specialized in wines and spirits with WSET 1 and WSET 2, and later became a master distiller. 

“I am loyally committed to what I do and to the great team I work with, whom I value very much. I am grateful for life, I always see things positively, and I promote harmonious and balanced development. I am a believer in the values ​​that my family always transmitted to us: honesty, passion, excellence, responsibility and good will, characteristics that I have marked in my way of being ”.

Natalia Poblete


Agricultural Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with a major in enology. Her passion for the world of wine and her work experience is crossed by her time in California, in one of Kendall Jackson's wineries, Atalon Winery. On her return to Chile, she harvested at De Martino and worked for three years at Viña Santa Rita as assistant winemaker at Viña Sur Andino. She then joined the William Cole Vineyards team to get involved in the white wine making process in the Casablanca Valley. Her deep interest in learning about viticulture and enology from other latitudes led her to travel to Australia and New Zealand on a technical tour in 2010. She also worked in South Australia at Shaw + Smith Vineyard and then spent time touring Tasmanian viticulture.

In 2014 Rodrigo Bauzá invited her to join his family project in Maipo Norte (Til Til commune). Enchanted by the opportunity, Natalia decided to venture into the development of these wines with a sense of origin, putting special focus on the Carménère variety. In 2018, the English master of wine, Tim Atkin, recognized her as "The Best Young Winemaker of the year".

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