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Juan José Ledesma is a winemaker and amateur musician. With more than 17 years in the Itata and Bio Bio Valleys, he deeply appreciates the heritage value of southern viticulture, both in its genetic and intangible wealth.

The rescue of ancient varieties, such as Malbec from San Rosendo and Cinsault from Itata, has been a constant concern in recent years.

In the same way, innovation and the search for creative solutions to the technical and commercial problems of southern viticulture have been the path that has led to the Terroir Sonoro project.

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Itata Valley

The wines of Terroir Sonoro are grown on the Santa Ximena Farm, located at the southern end of the Itata Valley, owned and managed by Juan's cousin,  Alvaro Ledesma. The Cinsault vine rows traverse the top of the hill and the Pais grapes grow down the slop of the hill.


36°45'02.8"S 72°40'28.6"W

Growing partner: Alvaro Señor Ledesma
250m above sea level
2 ha, yield: 3.5 tons/ha
50-70 year old vines
Bush head, dry farmed
Granitic soil to 10 meters
No pesticides, no fertilizers
Wines made: Apellinao



36°45'02.0"S 72°40'34.8"W

Growing partner: Alvaro Señor Ledesma
255 m above sea level
3.5 ha, 4.5 tons/ha
20 year old vines
Dry farmed
Granitic soil until 10 meters with quartz and schist
Wines made: Tinto Nitanto, El Imposter

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