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It’s Great to Meet You

I'm Jenny, the third Jenny in a line of four+ Jennys. I proudly share this name with my grandmother, mother, eldest daughter, (and great-great grandmother). My great-grandfather Carl started all of this when he named his third daughter Jenny after his mother who had passed when he was quite young. So as you can imagine, I was raised entirely in the house of Jenny: always full of loud laughter, compassion, integrity, and learning. After 12 years in the wine industry, I have decided to build something around those same values and stand for something different.

In the US, consumers are changing the way they interact with the companies they patronize as well as their expectations of those companies.  They crave authentic personal connection and a genuine goodness in the experiences and things with which they choose to surround themselves.  House of Jenny works to advance this shift away from empty consumerism and toward real interconnection.

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